How does colour coding work?

The application will indicate values with colors to indicate Cool, Optimum or Overheated Spaces. Surfaces that are highlighted on the model relate to the Rooms/Spaces internally associated to these glazed Surfaces and the results refer to these floor areas. The ranges used are listed below.

Colours are indicated in the Facades List, in the Charts and on the Dashboard.

Red will indicate areas for attention. These may require a higher performance Glass Type, Shading Devices or Fritting applications etc

Blue will indicate Cool Surfaces which may over-restrict Solar Heat Gain. In this case, a lower performance glass may be required.

Green Surfaces have values within acceptable ranges eg. 15 – 25 W/m sq (4.75 – 7.9 BTU/ft sq / hr).

Daylight colours vary from grey to yellow indicating values. An optimum range for Daylight factor is 2 – 5%.

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