HTML Report is not saving

You open the Snapshot function and select ‘HTML‘ but the browser window does not open with your report.

This may happen if there is a disconnect with the Account that you are signed into the application on and how you are signed into the Platform/Cloud area.

If you are using a hot-desk for example, another user may have signed into their Account on an open browser but you have signed into Guardian Glass for BIM with a different Account.

If there are may open browsers where this might be the case, please sign out of any open online sessions. You may also check by clicking on Platform on the Welcome Screen. This will take you to a browser window to sign into the platform.

Issues may also happen if permissions are not granted to access Revit’s Constructions.xml file. There may be restrictions in your office on user’s changing permissions for files on their machine. This permission should be set to Full Control (Read and Write). During installation, this will be automatically be set by the application. It may happen in some instances that there are firm-wide restrictions or User Profile restrictions on modifying file securities. Please contact us for more information.

You may also send a report (log file) to us from your application. This will provide details of the event which caused an issue. This report may be accessed from Settings (1) – Send Report (2). You may add a description of the error if you wish (optional).

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