Linked Element Properties are not read

When using Linked Elements/Files, they should be set as Room Bounding. These will then contribute to model enclosure (they may be Roof, Floor, Wall elements etc).

Analytical Properties in these elements will not be read by the application however and Glazed Families that are links or are hosted on walls which are linked into the project, cannot be modified by the application. Glass Types in these linked elements cannot be accessed or substituted. Glazed Elements need to be in placed the host project. Rooms or Spaces will also need to be in the Host model (instead of in the linked files). Generally is is best if all elements are accessible in the Project rather than being linked in.

The building enclosure is required to be in the Host model (not linked in). Other solid elements may be linked in (Roofs, Floors, Walls) and if set as Room Bounding, they will help enclose the model and the application will produce results for the glazed elements. Solid elements that are linked into the project, will not provide results or display analytical properties under the Performance tab however, even if these have been set in the linked file.

A separate Revit file may be required for Energy Analysis by binding the links or copying and pasting the linked elements into the Host project. The Model Diagnostic Tool currently will not provide information or on linked elements or display them in the viewer. Surrounding Masses linked into a project, will also not create shading effects on the model which would normally affect the outputs for Solar Loads and Daylight.

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