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Fully glazed door families in Revit will not usually contribute to glazing percentage since their VLT value will typically be zero. There are a few workarounds for this.

  1. Option 1: Change the door family into a window family. You may select the door family and open Type Properties in Revit.  Then duplicate the family and edit the name if required.

2. Select the element and open this family in the Family editor.

3. You can make this a window family instead of a door family. Once in the Family Editor, go to Family Category and Parameters.  Change the category by highlighting windows in the list. Save the family and load into the model.

You cannot simply replace a door with a window family by changing the type using Type Properties in Revit (since it will not appear under the door types), you will have to place the window element on the model instead of the door element.  This widow element can then have its glass type modified by going to Type Properties in Revit or by using the Glass Database in the application.

If you choose to change the family back to a door family, the glass type will remain in the family with its properties for u-value, SHGC and VLT. If you change this construction type to another in the Type Properties list, it will be lost however, since glass types are not available for door families in Revit.

Option 2: Define analytical properties for the family. You may also hard-code values into the Door family by using the Family Editor and entering values for each parameter.  These values will then always display in Type Properties, even if a different construction type is selected. Only parameters which are not hard-coded will change as different construction types are selected.

Select the family type in the model and open the Family Editor in Revit. Open the Family Types dialog and enter values after the equals sign for each parameter. You may copy properties from a known Guardian Glass type. Then save this family with the Guardian Glass Type name so that it is easy to identify.

Note: changing the construction type in Revit will not affect these values now, since they are hard-coded into the family.

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