Under a Facade, orientations are mixed

In the Facade Navigator, each Facade should have a list of Surfaces with the same orientation. For example, Facade 1 South, should list all South Surfaces under that Facade.

If you expand an item such as Facade 1 South, and you notice some North Surfaces in this list, this may be due to building enclosure issues. This is where floors, walls, roofs or glazing allow significant gaps in the model. Shafts may penetrate floors or roofs and compromise the enclosure when Revit’s Energy Model is generated. There may be issues with parts of a project at an angle to the rest of the building, where bounding boxes are not aligned.

If you notice that Surfaces under a Facade orientation have a mixture of different directions, this may also be due to elements that have have been placed inside out.

If elements such as Curtain Walls and windows are placed facing inside out, this can also affect the orientations in the list. When creating a Curtain Wall, this should be placed in a counter-clockwise direction to ensure that it faces outwards. Windows also have a toggle arrow to flip their directions if necessary.

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