Warning Symbols Appear Beside A Façade Name

This is normal and is an indicator that thermal properties need to be set or checked for an element on this Façade.  It may be that a door or window has no analytical property set. If one element is missing thermal properties, the warning indicator will appear beside the Façade name.  Thermal Properties may be set in Revit by using the Edit Type tool.

Check that Revit’s Energy model is successful first and that there are no warnings.  If there are, try to resolve these first before launching the application.

Make sure that you have not used Building Elements or Spatial Elements options with a Mass model.  These options are for use with Detailed models only.

Glazing material, if assigned, should have the required transparency set in the materials browser, to be identified as glass.

Please refer to Section 12.1 above for information on typical modelling issues and recommended Energy Settings.

If is still an issue, please contact us for support: guardian@fenestrapro.com

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