What is the correct sequence or workflow

When first starting to analyze a new project:

  1. Launch Guardian Glass for BIM from the Revit Add-ins Menu
  2. Select an option for the model type. For Revit Mass Models, select Conceptual Mass. For Detailed Models, select Building Elements (all detailed models), or Spatial Elements (if Rooms/Spaces have been placed in the project) only if using Revit 2020 and earlier.
  3. The Building Manager will Open automatically. Adjust Settings for Site Location, Terrain, Building Use and Occupancy Hours if necessary. Turn on Calculate Shading if there are significant surrounding buildings modeled or self shading on the model. Close the Building Manager when results display and this process is complete.
  4. Set an Energy Code in the Performance Tab (for Compliance Targets). This will indicate compliance of element thermal properties for categories (Walls, roofs, Floors and Glazing)
  5. If Glazing has analytical properties, results will display for Surfaces including these elements. Adjust Analytical Properties for glazing using Revit’s Type Properties or the Glass Database in the application (new Glass Types may require a restart of Revit).
  6. Make selections of Surfaces using the List, Charts or 3D Viewer and review Surfaces with high results. These Surfaces may require higher performance glazing (lower solar transmittance/SHGC), shading devices, fritting etc to reduce the Heat Gain
  7. Further functions are available for review such as saving Reports, reviewing the Shading AnimationGenerating Glazing on the model using performance targets etc
  8. Reports may be saved as Excel format or HTML.
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