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There are several displays possible in the main viewer. The starting view is the Energy Model View + Building Elements which displays the Energy Surfaces on the model as well as the Building Elements behind (grey shaded items). The default tab is the Facades tab which arranges the model into Facades (per orientation) and within these are Surfaces based on Floor levels and internal space divisions.

The building elements may be turned off using the building icon shown in the image below, to display only the Energy Surfaces. Selections of Surfaces may be made from the model itself, from the Facades List on the left (expand the list to view the Surfaces List), or use the Charts to make selections (click into a Facade, then select a Surface).

There is a Groups and Filters area above the Facades List where you may group the Facades/Surfaces list by orientation, Heat Gain Glazed Percentage and by other parameters (see below).

You may also use the Spaces tab to display and review Energy Spaces or Rooms in the model. Spaces, Facades or Surfaces may also be re-named (by right clicking on the title and inputting a custom name).

Expand the Spaces list to review the Analytical Surfaces associated with the Space, Host Walls and Openings. Glazed Elements which are associated with this Space and provide the Heat Gain and Daylight into the Space are included.

The Default 3D View displays building elements in the model. You may select these elements to highlight on the model. You may also turn on Select in Revit setting to highlight these elements in the Revit model.

If the model is modified (glazed elements are deleted etc) simply use the Refresh button to update the application.

Note: Changing between viewers will cancel any selections.

You may orbit the model using the right mouse button held down.

Hold the shift key + right mouse button to pan.

Use your mouse wheel to zoom in and out.

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