1.10.6 Toolbars and Settings

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Toolbars and icons allow display settings to be changed and features to be accessed.

Clicking on the first icon will display shading effects (this does not have to be calculated in the Building Manager). Click again to cancel.

Click on the next icon to return to a default view (after zooming in or panning etc).

Click on the Ground Plane icon to display the Ground Plane that is set for the model.

The next icon allows you to save an image capture of the model in the viewer. You may give this file a name and save it to any location on your computer (see below).

If the model gets out of range of the viewer, you may re-center it by using this icon.

If the viewer is slow with large/complex models, there are advanced settings provided to help. This may happen if certain graphics cards have difficulty with the 3D View. Anti-aliasing settings may be modified (sharpness of edges), turning off the orientation cube, using cull mode (to exclude rendering of faces not displayed) are all options that may help performance for some computers if required.

2 minutesread

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