12.0.1 Create a Conceptual Mass

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When to use this option?

  • Your project has modelling issues (gaps between elements, missing thermal properties etc)
  • Model is slow to process 
  • Model is giving warnings in Revit (under Manage Tab – Warnings)
  1. Use the Project Enclosure as an outline for creating a conceptual mass (worksets may be used  to separate and control visibility of element categories such as ‘Enclosure’, ‘Mass’ etc)
  2. Create a simple Conceptual Mass within the envelope model using the detailed elements (curves on a project may be faceted)
  3. Create Floors level by level to ensure best control over separate Surfaces
  4. Create Mass Floors from Levels / Check Energy Settings
  5. Analyse this mass object with Guardian Glass for BIM


2 minutesread

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