13.2 Applying Glazing Percentages to the Mass Model

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The overall glazing for the project may be controlled in Performance by setting the Current Percentage Glazing value.  This will apply to all facades and surfaces in the project.

Open a Mass model and launch Guardian Glass for BIM and open the Charts. There should currently be no glazing percentage set for the model (the Dashboard will indicate zero).

Sample Workflow:

1. Set the Window to Wall ratio

  • Ensure that all Facades are unlocked
  • Facades which are unlocked will have the Current Percentage Glazing value applied
  • For example, set 50% for Current Percentage Glazing in Performance
  • Press Return on the keyboard
  • In the Charts and Dashboard, view the glazing percentage for all Facades (50%)
Apply 50% glazing to all Facades

2. Lock a selection of Surfaces

    • Lock Surfaces by making a selection in the Façade Navigator list and then uncheckingSelected surfaces unlocked’
    • To do this, click on the vertical blue bar at the left hand side to open the Facade Navigator.  Once selections are made, the Facades tab will appear and you may lock these selections.  Click in the main window (outside the Facade Navigator, to access the Facades area.  In this example, Facades 1 – 5 will now be locked so that these will remain at 50%
    • Click back into the Facade Navigator and expand the Facade lists.  The Surfaces within will have a padlock symbol beside them to indicate that they are now locked.
    • The selections are also highlighted on the Mass model.
Select Facades 1 – 5 to lock at 50%
Uncheck the box ‘ Selected Surfaces Unlocked’ and  the selections will lock

3. Select All Facades (some which are locked, despite being selected, will not be affected by the following changes)

  • Surfaces which are unlocked (Facades 6 – 8) are available for adjustment
  • These may be adjusted to 80% by using the Façades
  • In the Glazing Specification Tab type in 80 and press Return on the keyboard
  • The Charts will update to the new percentage for these selections only
Select all Facades (some which are locked will not be modified)
The remaining Facades may be adjusted to 80%

4. Deselect All and view the Glazing Charts

  • This will allow you to view all Facades (when all are selected, all Surfaces display instead of Facades)
  • Surfaces which were locked remained at 50% (they were not modified when other Surfaces are adjusted)
  • Only Surfaces which were unlocked were changed to 80%
  • Alternatively, you could apply 80% for Overall Percentage Glazing in the Performance tab and this would only be applied to the unlocked Facades
Locked Surfaces/Facades remained at their set values

5. Review the Overall Percentage Glazing in the Performance tab

  • Click outside the Facade Navigator to allow it to collapse
  • In the Performance tab, review the Overall value. It has now raised from 40% to 56.25%. This is because enough Surfaces with sufficient area have been raised to 80% and this has affected the Overall value.
The Overall Setting for the model has been affected

6.  Auto-Distribute

  • Select the locked Facades and unlock them
Unlock the Facades which have been previously locked
  • Switch to the Solar Loads Chart and Deselect All in the Facade Navigator list
  • Facades have different Solar Loads acting on them as they have different orientations
  • Colors on the model indicate this
  • Then use the Auto-Distribute button to equalize the Solar Loads to all Facades on the model
  • Glazing areas on each orientation are adjusted to allow equalization of the Solar Loads to each face of the model
Review current Solar Loads on the model
Auto-Distribute is applied to unlocked Surfaces only
  • If this were done and some Surfaces were locked, those locked Surfaces would remain unaffected.
  • Review the Glazing Chart to confirm that glazing has been adjusted on different Facades to allow this
Glazing Areas are adjusted to allow Auto-Distribute to occur

The glazing percentage applied to each Surface will depend on the area of the Surface as a ratio of the total surface area.


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