2.0.2 User Interface

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This will explain the User Interface and features.

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Splash Screen – opens when you launch Guardian Glass for BIM.  Select an option for your model.

Main Window – made up of the Dashboard, Managers and Toolbar

Footer – provides controls for collapsing the window, opacity, Settings and for Signing into your Account or the Cloud Service (subscription required).

Building Manager – This provides settings for the project. Calculate the Solar Loads here and include Shading Effects is required.

Performance – Create a Building Code and review element properties in the model.

Facades for Mass Models – Settings that apply to the entire project or selected Facades/Surfaces.  The Interface will adjust depending on what is selected in the Facade Navigator.  Once selections are made in the list, click into the Facades tab to activate this area.

User Controls for Selected Facades/Surfaces (Mass Models only)

Facades for Mass models provides controls for individual Surfaces where values for glazing specifications, shading, fritting and surrounding buildings may be set. These settings will apply only to these selected Surfaces.

Facades for Detailed Models

This window provides extra buttons depending on what is selected.  When a solid wall in the model is selected, buttons for Add Windows and Add Curtain Walls will display.  When a glazed element is selected in the Details List, Update Glazing and Resize Windows buttons display.

Update Glazing – provides custom property settings for individual glazed elements (other instances will not be modified).  Values may be input to simulate glazing properties, or a Guardian Glass Type may be selected from the drop-down list (these properties are not editable).

Custom Groups – provides creation of a Group with favorite/most relevant Surfaces

Glass Database – modify Glazing Properties by filtering and selecting a Guardian Glass Type

Glazing Database has links to the Guardian website with product details

Glass Analytics

Connect to Guardian Glass Analytics where you may create a custom Glass Type, review properties of that assembly and import this into the application.  A button in the Tools drop-down menu on the Guardian website provides for this function.

Smart Surfaces – solve thermal properties for glazing by having the Glass Database suggest Guardian Glass Types to resolve performance issues. Once a Surface is selected that has an issue – use this button to open Smart Surfaces where you may filter the parameters to search for a Glass Type.  Guardian Glass for BIM will then suggest products which will resolve performance issues.

Snapshots – export the data from results to a Excel or HTML report.  HTML Reports may be customized to display selected categories eg. Monthly Solar Load, Average Solar Load, Average Heat Gain,  Monthly Shading etc


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