2.1 Revit Add-in Menu & Sign in

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Guardian Glass for BIM may be found on the Revit Add-ins menu and may be launched here.  Once the application has launched, the sign-in window will appear to prompt you to sign into your account (this is required to provide all features of the online service).

Initally, you will receive a link to create an account and password with your email details. You may create your account simply by inputting your email and creating a password.  This will be used when launching the application.  You may also use the Stay Signed in checkbox to avoid having to enter your details on subsequent launching of the application.  Periodically, the license token may expire for security reasons and you may be asked to sign in again.

Note: If you forget your password, you may click on the ‘forgot password’ option which will take you to an area to create a new password.

Guardian Glass for BIM Add-in will appear on the Revit Menu
Guardian Glass for BIM Add-in will appear on the Revit Menu
Forgot Password area to create new credentials


2 minutesread

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