3.0 Dashboard

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Guardian Glass for BIM can open in its collapsed state with just the summary Dashboard and Toolbars visible or it may open fully expanded.  You may set  options for this in the Settings area  and checking Show expanded on opening.   This will be applied the next time that the application is launched.

Dashboard displays average results for the selections
Option in Settings to open the application with the full window

The application window may also be expanded anytime by clicking on Show Content to reveal the complete window.  Checking the box beside Always stay on top will allow the application to remain in front of other windows on screen if several are open.

Toolbar icons are arranged vertically and will open various features

Note the ranges used to indicate ‘too high’ or ‘too low’ are provided below. These are guidelines only to suggest optimal values. You may use other project specific targets if you wish as this will not affect your ability to accept higher or lower references for any project.


2 minutesread

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