6.1.11 Recalculate

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This button displays for Mass Models only. Recalculate should be used whenever changes are made to settings in Façades such as setting glazing percentage for a Façade/Surface, adding a canopy, adding fritting etc.

This will ensure that the Charts and the Dashboard get updated when the glazing percentage is changed (Please see the Charting in Section 10.0 below).  The Recalculate button in Performance will only be seen when Guardian Glass for BIM is used with Mass Models and the results will display for simulated thermal properties.

Recalculate button for Mass models only – use after making changes to settings

A red asterisk will appear in the element panel if the thermal property set for that element in Revit is outside the application’s range of values for that category.  Ranges used by the application for each category are as follows: (all imperial values are R-values except for glazing).

Performance for Mass Models has some small differences in User Controls when compared to Detailed Models.

    1. A Current Glazing Percentage figure may be input manually.  You may click into the value to edit it and then press Return on the keyboard.

    2. The Set to Maximum Percentage Glazing button may be used to apply this figure to the model. This function is not available for Detailed Models.

    3. The Performance values for elements (roof, floor, wall and glazing) may be edited in Mass Models since these are notional values. You may click into the values to edit or double click on the unit symbol (R or U in front of the value) to display a slider which may be adjusted.

    Performance for Detailed Models

    Performance for Detailed Models is similar to that for Conceptual Mass with some exceptions:

    1. No Apply Button when selecting Code
    2. No Set to Maximum Glazing Allowed button
    3. No Recalculate button
    4. Elemental values cannot be edited (properties are read from the model)
    5. Overall Glazing Percentage cannot be set for Detailed models


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