6.1.8 Overall Percentage Glazing

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For Conceptual Mass models – you may set a percentage glazing by typing in a value.  You may also adjust the value by moving the slider along the scale.  This will be applied to all unlocked Facades/Surfaces on the model.  If a value for glazing percentage has been set in Revit’s Energy Settings, this value will be displayed here.  This may be adjusted by inputting a value or moving the slider.

For Conceptual Mass models, this will be written to the entire model as notional glazing.  You may select individual Surfaces later to adjust different glazing percentages there separately.

Set Glazing Percentage in Energy Settings of Revit

If a value has been set here in the Energy Settings in Revit, it will be read by Guardian Glass for BIM and used for glazing in the model.  This value may then be over-ridden in the application. Doing so however, will not affect the setting in Revit’s Energy Settings.


2 minutesread

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