6.1 Performance

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This window displays the current elemental properties in the model for Walls, Glazing, Roofs and Floors. An average thermal value for each type of element is shown. You may create a Building Code as a reference with target values to be achieved. The current thermal values in the model are then compared with these and compliance/non-compliance is indicated.

It also calculates the Maximum Allowable Glazing based on that Code as well as indicating Maximum Building Performance, Current Façade Performance and Maximum Façade Performance.

With Conceptual Mass models, since there are no actual building elements in the model (walls, floors, roofs or glazing, only notional glazing areas), the values displayed are an indication of what would be required to comply with the reference benchmarks chosen.

In Mass models, you may move the sliders to adjust the value that would need to be reached to comply with the Building Code that has been set.

Note: These values are not written to the Mass model in Revit.

In Detailed models, the current properties of elements in the model are shown.  There are no sliders available for Detailed models. Values may only be adjusted by using Edit Type in Revit to modify the assembly and materials.  This is covered in Section 7.1 below.

Performance  for Mass models




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