Fritting Specification

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Apply fritting (patterned glazing) to any façade or surface by choosing the percentage Coverage and Transparency using the slider or numerical input.   This will reduce the Solar Loads and Daylighting.

Adjust the percentage Coverage of the fritting on the glass.  As the coverage increases, it will be more effective and the Solar Loads and Daylighting values will fall.  As the Transparency of the fritting increases (it becomes less opaque and less effective), the Solar Loads/Daylighting will rise.  As the Transparency of the fritting reduces (it becomes more opaque), it will be more effective and the Solar Loads/Daylighting values will fall.

Fritting Patterns may be simulated on Mass models

Once the Transparency is set at 100%, it will not matter what value the Coverage is set at, the fritting will have no effect on the results. Similarly, a high transparency percentage will mean that adjustments to Coverage will only have a small effect on results.  Default values for Fritting may be set in the Settings toolbar.


2 minutesread

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