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Guardian Glass for BIM  provides a feature for adjusting glazing properties directly on Surfaces in Detailed Models.

Click on the Smart Surfaces button.  A new dialog window will open where sliders may be adjusted for parameters.  A Viewer will indicate the location of the Surface on the model.

Smart Surfaces function

Glazing which is causing issues with over-heating or glare may be swapped out for alternative types which may resolve these issues (Glass Types with lower SHGC, VLT or U-Values).  The Smart Surfaces feature provides a window where sliders may be adjusted for categories.  This will define Glass Types that lie within these ranges and the main list will be filtered accordingly.  A Glass Type may then be selected and applied to the Surface.

A message will query whether you wish to apply this to the building or this Surface only.  A suggested short-list of Glass Types will then be provided which will resolve any issues.


  1. Select a Surface on the model by using the list in the Facade Navigator or from rows in the Charts
  2. Open the Smart Surfaces window by using the button provided
  3. Using the sliders to adjust the ranges for Minimum u-value/r-value  for that Surface, Maximum Heat Gain target and Minimum Daylighting.  (surface u-value is used for metric models, surface r-value is used for imperial models)
  4. Apply these filters to the list
  5. The list will adjust to provide glass types that satisfy these parameters. (if the list does not show any entries, adjust the sliders again)
  6. Select a Glass Type from the list and Apply to the Surface(s)
  7. A message will display asking whether to apply to the Building or only that Surface.  Apply to the Building: Where this existing glass type appears on other Surfaces of the model – they also will be replaced.  Apply only to this Surface: Only this Surface will be updated.  Select one of these options.
  8. Click on the Refresh button to update the results.
Apply Glass Type options



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