Adding new Glass Types to Revit

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Glass Types that are already in Revit’s list of Construction Types will update immediately when selected in the list.  Some of the entries in the database may not already be in Revit.  For various reasons these new entries may appear immediately in Revit 2020 and Revit 2021 or may require a restart of Revit.  Multiple new glass types may be assigned to model elements and when Revit is restarted, they will all get added to Revit’s list.

Changes will be applied on next launch in some cases

If you have made modifications to the model geometry or Revit settings, you will need to save the model.  (you do not need to save the model otherwise to see the glazing properties update using Guardian Glass for BIM.

On re-launching Revit and opening the same project with Guardian Glass for BIM, a message will appear advising that changes to properties were made in a previous session.  If you wish to apply these changes you may click Yes.  If you do not wish to update the glazed elements with the new properties choose No.  To cancel the changes and not have the message reappear, click on Don’t Ask again.

The Glass Database may be accessed from various locations within application such as when Adding Windows, using  Smart Surfaces or Update Glazing functions etc.  Glazing Specifications for Mass models also has access to the Guardian Glass Database.

On reopening Revit – reminder message of pending changes to apply

If the Revit session needs to be restarted to update, the results in the Surface Dashboard and for that element in Revit’s Edit Type may display as zero.  This is because the properties will need to update the next time that Revit is opened.


2 minutesread

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