7.7.3 Custom Groups

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By right clicking on a Surface or Façade in the Façade Navigator, you may create a Custom Group to sort relevant surfaces into a Group for focused analysis.

This will create a set of Surfaces which are particularly relevant for your project and these will be saved for future sessions with this model. These Surfaces will be collected into a Group and may be later accessed for comparison purposes if modifications are made.

Right click on any Facade/Surface to create a new Group
    1. Right Click any Façade or Surface and choose Add to Group.  The Façade or Surface that you click on does not determine the Group to be created.

    2. A new window will display which allows you to input a name for your new Group category.

    3. The toggle switch at the top of the window should be set to Create New. Create a new Group category name (in the example below, ‘My Group’ has been created).

      Note: Existing Groups may also be edited here by choosing ‘Edit Existing’.

      Select Surfaces to include in the Group

      This will create a new Group with just these surfaces that you have selected. To add further Groups into this Category, the large plus symbol beside the Group Category name may be clicked.

      Each time this plus icon is clicked a new Group will be created.

        1. Groups may be edited or deleted at any time using the tools provided. Clicking on an X icon will delete a Group or remove individual Surfaces from the list.

        2. Existing Groups may be edited, or new Groups created by using the toggle switch at the top of the window.

        3. Next, create the name of the Group that will show in the Façade Navigator. This may be done in the lower panel by clicking into the default name. In the example below, the default name Unnamed has been changed to Plaza. Multiple Groups may be created here.  Surfaces already included in one Group cannot be included in another Group.

        1. In the panel on the left, select the Surfaces to associate to this Group.  These Surfaces may be on different Facades.

        2. You may add more Surfaces by selecting a Surface in the list and clicking the plus symbol beside the Group name. Selections that are made, may be deselected by clicking on Deselect All.

        3. Click on Save and Close to return to the main application window.

        4. Back in the Façade Navigator, the new category can then be seen in the Group by list. The Groups contained within this category are then displayed and may be selected as normal.

        New Group is created with your chosen Surfaces

        To return to viewing all Surfaces on the model again, click into Group by and choose Façade.

Groups may also be edited by right clicking on the custom group in the list and selecting Edit Groups. This will open a window where Surfaces may be added or removed and the Group name may be edited.

Note: Only Custom Groups may be edited.  Default Groups for the model cannot be edited or Surfaces removed.

Edit a Group by right clicking on a custom Group in the list


3 minutesread

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