7.8 Update Glazing

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This feature will allow a Glass Type to be set for one element alone.  This is available both for windows and curtain wall panels. A single window or panel may be selected in the Details List where each glazing instance is given a row with details of its properties.  When selected, this entry will highlight in the list.  The Update Glazing button will then become available.

Guardian Glass for BIM will make a copy of the element family type and name it with the new Glass Type chosen from the drop-down list.

Once Ok is clicked and the dialog window closes, the main window will refresh automatically. This is where the new family type is created.

Note: Refresh must then be used on the Dashboard to update the properties and Energy Model.  If the Glass Type chosen is new to Revit, it may be necessary to restart Revit to see the new properties.

Update Glazing function – select a Guardian product or custom glass
Click on Ok to save and return to the main window


2 minutesread

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