7.9 Resize Windows

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Existing instances of the application’s window families can be resized by selecting them in the Details List in Façades and clicking Resize.  This displays a slider and text box where values may be input for Height and Width dimensions.  Click Apply when done.

FenestraPro window families may be resized 

Revit family windows and other custom window families may also be resized by clicking on the row in the Details List and then on the Resize button.  This time, only the available types for that window family will then be visible in the drop-down list and these may be selected to adjust the window size (custom window dimensions are not possible here but a new window type may always be created  in Revit if needed).

You can select multiple windows in the model and these can all be changed to one type or resized together by using this feature.  Windows of different families or types can be selected in the Details List and the window chosen in the setting will be applied to all selected elements.  The Resize function is only available for windows.

The dialog box also includes a field for changing the glazing type for this window. Any changes made here will affect all windows of this type in the project.

Double clicking on any glazed element in the Details List will bring up Edit Type in Revit for editing or checking settings.

Window families that have multiple types may be chosen


2 minutesread

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