Can The Results Be Shared With A Colleague?

If a colleague has the same version of the application, you may copy the results file and send it to them. If they paste this file into their FenestraPro folder, the results will be available in their Charts and Dashboard when they open the application on their machine.

The file can usually be found in this location: C:\Users\Your User Name\App Data\Local\FenestraPro\FProStore.db

There are also files in this folder called CustomStandards.db and CustomGroups.db and GlazingSpecs.db. These may also be copied and pasted to a colleague’s machine to display the same information if new Standards and Groups have been create (The colleague must have a current active license for Guardian Glass for BIM) 

Guardian Glass for BIM should be closed down first for the receiving colleague as it will be accessing files in the FenestraPro folder.  It is recommended that the person to whom you are sending the file, first close down the application if it is open and rename their existing database file as a backup eg. FProStore.db should become – FProStore.db.bak.

This original file can then be restored later by:

  1. Moving the new database file that you sent them to another folder outside the FenestraPro folder
  2. Renaming the Original file back to the original name so that it will be used by the application.

The new file that you are sending them may then be placed in the Folder and will be used instead.  It contains all the results for the models analysed to date.  If they have access to the same models, this will be recognized and the results will appear in the application.

The version number of the software should be the same on both machines, otherwise there may be errors in reading the file or the application may fail to load.

The new file may then be stored elsewhere and the older file renamed back to its original name so that the user can continue their work.

Results may always be shared normally using the Snapshot Excel Report also which contains all the relevant information on the project.  The HTML Report may also be viewed in a browser and the link sent to a colleague or this data may be downloaded as a PDF and shared with colleagues.

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