6.1.10 Current Facade Performance

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As Overall Percentage Glazing is increased, the Current Façade Performance is reduced since there is more glazing on the model which reduces performance.

As Overall Percentage Glazing is reduced, the Current Façade Performance increases since less glazing will improve the Façade Performance value.

Only thermal properties for Walls and Glazing will affect Current Façade Performance.

Clicking into the values to edit using slider (Mass Models only)

With Detailed Revit models, the values displayed are not editable since these values come directly from model elements. (Elements in the model may be modified directly in Revit in order to adjust thermal properties)

Sliders in Conceptual Mass Models for Roof or Floors will affect the Current Façade Performance and Selected Building Performance.

Selected Building Performance may be improved by limiting the glazing and modifying the window to wall ratio (by having more wall and less glazing).

The Maximum Allowable Glazing will be affected by the thermal properties of the Glazing and Walls as well as the Façade Performance.

Current Glazing vs Maximum Glazing Allowed is indicated

Note: For Conceptual Mass Models, since there are no building elements in the model such as floors or walls, the values shown are simulated element properties.  Moving the slider will affect the results for allowable glazing based on these values.  No properties adjusted in the sliders are written to the Conceptual Mass model.


2 minutesread

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