Glazing Specification

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You can select a Glass Type from the Guardian list provided.  When no selections have been made or all are selected, the selection made will be applied to the entire model.   When the model is first opened, a default Glass Type (called d07)  is assigned to all glazing (which later can be changed).

Default Glazing Specification is assigned to all areas at the start

If different types of Guardian glasses have been applied to different areas, when no selections have been made in the Facade Navigator, the dropdown list will display ‘Mixed Specification’.

Where different Glass Types have been applied to different areas, ‘Mixed Specification’ will display

The list in the dropdown will derive from the Glass Database and there are sliders to filter the list by ranges for U-value, Solar Transmittance/Solar Factor and Visual Light Transmittance. By clicking on the headers for each column (UV / SHGC / VLT), the list may be sorted into entries with the lowest/highest values.  Product names may also be entered in the search field.  There is also a setting to only display products in the project’s region (site location setting in Revit).

Later, individual Surfaces or Facades may be selected separately and different Guardian Glass Types applied there.

Setting a Glazing Specification for the entire model – select from the dropdown list

Each Glass Type has properties and these will affect the results. You should use the Recalculate button after changing the setting for glass type.

Recalculate button after changing glass types


2 minutesread

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