7.2.1 Details List

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This window displays details of all elements on the selected Surfaces.  It will include Windows, Curtain Panels and Solid Walls.  The R-value/ U-value shown in the blue heading is the average R-value/U-value of the Solid Wall (if any exists).  The R-value/U-value shown below this is the average for the Surface including the glazing.  Each row will then display the properties for the panels and windows.

Double Clicking on a window or panel in the rows will open Edit Type

Note: If you have ceilings in your model and are analyzing with Spatial Elements, you should place Spaces above these ceilings so that the adjacent external wall areas are included in the Details List and Results.

Spaces should be placed above ceilings if using Spatial Elements

This may be done by creating a Level in Revit at the height where the ceilings are placed.  Go to this Plan View in Revit and place Spaces on this Level (above the ceilings).  Ensure that the upper limit of the Spaces are correct (eg. that they terminate at the underside of the slab above).  This is best viewed in a Section View.

Spaces over ceilings ensure that all external wall areas are included when using Spatial Elements

If you are analyzing your model with Building Elements, this is not an issue.  Even if ceilings have empty spaces above them (no Rooms or Spaces are placed), the adjacent external wall surfaces will be included in the list displayed.

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