7.3.8 Glass Analytics

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Glass Analytics provides a link to the Guardian website where custom glass make-ups may be created.  These are then sent to the Guardian Platform area and may be downloaded to the Guardian Glass for BIM list.

  1. Click on the button for Glass Analytics
  2. This will take you to the Guardian website area to create a glazing make-up
  3. Provide a Name if you wish and configure the glass as required
  4. When complete, use the Tools button to send this to Guardian Glass for BIM
  5. The Guardian Platform area will open to display this glass and show that it has been added to your list
  6. You may click on the entry for more information or request product data from Guardian
  7. In the Revit Add-in, Refresh to add this custom glass to the database list
  8. The toggle switch will cycle between the Database List, Database + Custom Glass, Custom Glasses only
  9. These Custom Glasses may be selected for use in your project


2 minutesread

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