6.1.2. Compliance or Non-Compliance

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Thermal values that have been assigned to element types in the Revit model (roofs, floors, walls, glazing) will then be compared with values set in the Code and will display in red or white font to indicate compliance or non-compliance.  Hovering over the value will also provide a tool-tip for guidance.  The compliance values will be compared to whichever Code is selected in the box provided.  Multiple Codes/Building Standards may be created and will appear in the list.

A red asterisk will display in Performance if the current thermal property for an element is outside the range expected.  This will only happen in Detailed models, since inputted values for Mass models are only accepted if they are within the ranges set in the application.

Codes created will be saved in the list

Please see FAQ’s below for guidance on sharing Custom Codes with colleagues.  The file which stores the Codes that are created, may be shared with colleagues for use on their machines also.  Contact us for advice if this is required.


2 minutesread

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