1.6 Launch the Addin

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When you launch the application from the Revit Menu the first time, you will need to input the license key that you were provided with by the software supplier or your organisation.

Usually this will have been provided to you by email and you may copy and paste the test from your email into the first field in the dialog window.  If you have not had a license before, you will be prompted to input the serial number that was sent to you.  If you did not receive a license number by email, please contact us.  You may then click Ok to proceed.

Input the License into the boxes

The Sign-in window will then open and you will be prompted to enter your credentials.  You may sign in here if you have verified your email and created an account already.  If you have not done this, you may go to the link that you received in your set up email that will bring you to the platform area. Here you may create an account with your email and password.  This is required to use the software and provides access to online reports about analysis results, user preferences, custom glass types and links to Guardian online services.

Sign in here if you have created an account already


2 minutesread

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