1.10.4 Glass Database

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The Glass Database provides a list of Guardian Glass Types (which may be filtered by availability in your region). First, a single Surface or multiple Surfaces are selected on the model. A Glass Type is then found in the list. The list may be filtered and sorted by various parameters. The Glass Type is then applied to those Surfaces. These wil update also in the Revit model. Use the Refresh button on the Dashboard to get updated results (the properties of the glass will affect the Heat Gain and Daylight in the model spaces).

You may also import a custom assembly from Guardian’s Glass Analytics website, view links to product pages, use the Smart Surface function (which will display a shortlist of glass types to achieve defined values for a Surface).

  1. When you open the application for the very first time and enter the Design Area (main window), the full Glass Database will load into Revit. A one-time restart of Revit will be required to view these entries in Type Properties in Revit and complete synchronization. After restarting Revit, please re-launch the application and use Continue to return to your session.
  2. Select a Surface(s) from the viewer model, from the list or using the Charts.
  3. Select a Glass Type from the Glass Database. The list may be filtered by using the sliders to display only glass types within certain ranges (U-value/SHGC/VLT)
  4. Apply this Glass Type using the button provided.
  5. A message will appear to provide options: a. Apply wherever this glazing family is present on the model b. Apply only to this Surface(s).
  6. Refresh on the Dashboard to see the updated results. Note: Surfaces may get deselected during Refresh, this is to be improved soon. Simply select the relevant Surfaces again to review the new results.
  7. This process changes the actual Guardian Glass Type in the model (analytical properties for the family in Revit). This does not change the curtain panel or window family, only the thermal, solar and light properties of the glass. In cases where you wish to apply a glass only to the selected Surface (not where this family type is located elsewhere in the model,) a new family type is created in Revit with the name of the Guardian Glass.
  8. Fix Surface is also available under the Glass Database.

a. Select a Surface

b. Click on the Surface Fix option

c. Adjust the sliders or type in a value for each parameter (U-value/R-value for the Surface, Heat Gain and Daylight for the space behind that Surface)

d. A shortlist of Glass Types is displayed which will achieve these defined values.

e. You may then select one of these and Apply. Use Refresh on the Dashboard to update the results.

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