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Terrain Type and Building Use should be chosen for your project. Terrain Type will affect ground reflected irradiation on each façade.  Select the type that corresponds the most to the typical terrain in project.

Building Use will affect Building Occupancy Pattern, i.e. when people will occupy your building on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. There are default hours assigned to each type but once the Building Type is chosen, these times may always be manually over-ridden.

Location Setting (Urban/Suburban/Rural) will determine the Maintenance Factor for daylighting.  The Site location of the project is also read from Revit and will be used for climate and solar calculations, but it is not displayed by the application.  It is therefore important that the project location/address is correctly assigned in Revit.  This can be set in the Manage tab of Revit – Location.

For Conceptual Mass models, the user interface is shown below.

For Detailed models, the user interface is shown below. There is no Building Use setting for Detailed models.  Simply adjust the occupancy hours.

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