Auto Distribute

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Auto Distribute will only be available as a button on the toolbar.  All unlocked Facades/Surfaces will be affected.  The application will adjust glazed areas on each Surface to allow Solar Gain to be equalized on all orientations.

Auto Distribute to equalize Solar Loads across the Mass model

Note: Surfaces that have been locked will not have their glazing percentages or Solar Loads adjusted.  Please see Section below on how to lock/unlock Façades or Surfaces.

Guardian Glass for BIM will adjust the glazing areas on unlocked Facades/Surfaces only to allow the Solar Loads to be distributed equally across these Facades/Surfaces.

Varied Solar Loads on each Facade due to different orientations
Auto-distribute adjusts glazing areas to equalize Solar Loads on the model

Note: More complex masses with smaller surface areas may not be able to reach the solar loads of other surfaces (increasing glazed areas will be restricted).


2 minutesread

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