3.2.3 Daylighting

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The Daylighting value will display the Daylight Factor (%) of the selected surface(s) or façade(s).  Where multiple surfaces/façades are selected or where none are selected, the average value is displayed.

Design Daylight Factor is calculated per Unit Floor Area within the Perimeter Zone for each façade/surface.  It is a ratio of illuminance indoors on a horizontal work-plane to the horizontal illuminance outdoors under an overcast sky.  It is a good measure for quickly comparing daylight penetration.

Clicking on a specific Surface will display results for just that surface alone.  The results are graded by colors (grey to yellow) to provide a visual indication of low daylight (grey) to good daylight (yellow).

Daylight Factors can be compared to published guidance for your region.  Guidelines usually recommend that a certain value be achieved for a certain percentage of critical task zones.


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