4.0 Toolbars

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This Section will explain the various typical Toolbars available in the application.  The main toolbars display for both model types (Mass and Detailed) and will display by default.  These include Building Manager, Snapshots, Shading Viewer, Comcheck.

Toolbars arranged vertically for various functions (Mass Models)

A button to set the glazing percentage for a Mass model may also appear if the current value does not match the value allowed by the selected Code.

Set to Maximum Glazing value may display for Mass models

There are also toolbars specific to only Mass models which display there – Auto-Distribute and Recalculate.  These will not appear in Detailed models and are explained in the Conceptual Mass Section of this User Guide.

Auto-Distribute and  Recalculate for Mass models

Some Toolbars are specific only to Detailed models.  These include Add Windows and Add Curtain Walls.  Buttons for Update Glazing and Resize Windows will also display when a window element is selected in the Details List in Facades.

Extra Toolbars display for Detailed Models when a solid wall/Surface is selected
Update Glazing and Resize Windows tools


2 minutesread

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