1.5 Installation

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Please click on the button below to get the latest installation file.  The Guardian Glass for Bim Addin supports Revit versions 2019 – 2022 (Older Revit versions do not have the required libraries to facilitate all the functions and features provided).  (Please close any open Revit sessions before installing)

Older v Installer for Revit 2021 / Revit 2020 / Revit 2019

Latest v1.2.1.0 Installer for Revit 2022 – also supports Revit 2021 and Revit 2020 (but not Revit 2019)

Double click on the installation file to install the application on your machine.  The software will then appear as a new icon on the Add-in Menu of Revit.

Later, as new versions are released, Users with existing license subscriptions will be able to continue using the same license (as your current version is being upgraded to a newer one).  It will be not necessary to uninstall any previous version but you may do so if you wish.

The application now includes an advisory message notification if there is a more recent version available for download.

Note: Windows Defender SmartScreen may show a warning on your desktop to confirm the installation – you may click on ‘Run anyway’ to proceed.  This is a normal security precaution in Windows.

Alternatively, to avoid this, after downloading the file from the website, you may browse to the file location (eg. Downloads folder), right-click on the file and choose Properties.  A new window will open where, in the General Tab, you may check Unblock.  Click Apply and OK to close this window.  You may then install normally without any security message from Windows.

An unattended installer may be provided for deployment where a command-line utility may be used.  The Application may then be installed on several machines without users having to input any serial number when opening the application.  Please contact us for more details if you require this for your organisation

 The Glass Database will seek permissions to change the Revit file where building materials are stored.  This is to facilitate the  creation of new Glass Types from the Guardian product list.  Usually this will happen during installation. If there are any issues with Glass Types not updating in Revit, please contact us for support as security permissions for the Revit file may sometimes need to be manually adjusted depending on the location of the file or the language of your operating system. By accepting the terms of the License Agreement, consent is given to allow the application to add additional glass entries to this list so that they will appear in the Revit list.

Note: If the Constructions.xml file is manually modified and then saved after Guardian Glass for BIM is installed or if another version of the file is substituted at any time after installation, writing of the new Guardian Glazing Types to the model may stop working as the new file may not have the permissions necessary to allow editing.  This may be easily resolved usually by re-installing the application.  Please contact the developers for support for technical inquiries if required support@fenestrapro.com.

While security permissions may be manually set for this file, this is an advanced process and is recommended to be done by those with sufficient competence or may need to be done by your IT Department depending on security permissions on your machine.


4 minutesread

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