2.2 Splash Screen

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The Splash Screen gives one option for Conceptual Mass models, and two options for detailed models – Spatial Elements and Building Elements.  A Model Diagnostic Tool is also included for examining the model for issues before analysis. This screen also has a button to access the Guardian Cloud Platform and a button where your account details are stored as well as reports and Glass Make-ups that you have customized.

Soon it will be possible to upload a model to this area and analyze in the cloud.  Links may then be shared with colleagues who may not have modeling software.

  1. Model Diagnostic Tool for checking modeling issues
  2. Comcheck Tool – export areas and thermal properties of model elements
  3. Guardian Platform –  for HTML Reports, Glass Make-ups, User Preferences and Account/License details
  4. Conceptual Mass option – to analyze mass models
  5. Spatial Elements option – when the model has Rooms or Spaces included
  6. Building Elements option – when there are no Rooms/Spaces placed (this method will focus on model geometry)
  7. Sign out – this will close the application (User must create an account and be signed into their account to use the software)
  8. User Support website – guidance on how to use the software and video tutorials
Guardian Glass for BIM Splash Screen


2 minutesread

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