5.1.1 Settings

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You may set various criteria in the Building Manager.

  1. Terrain Type – Choose between Open, Depression, Sea/Lake, City, South Incline, West/East incline, Valley, South Valley Side, West/East Valley Side or Summit.
  2. Building Use – Choose the Type which most closely matches the project.
  3. Location Setting – this will affect the maintenance factor for Daylighting.
  4. Building Occupancy Pattern – these are defined by the Building Use but may be over-ridden.
  5. Days in Use – days that the building is occupied
  6. Months in Use – months during which the building is occupied
  7. Calculate Shading Factors – if there is significant self-shading or shading from surrounding objects
  8. Calculate Solar Data – this will populate the orientations for the model.
Settings in the Building Manager may be adjusted if required


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