5.2.4 Roof / Floor Overhangs

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Guardian Glass for BIM supports roof and floor overhangs in Mass and Detailed models. A canopy may be used in mass models to achieve this affect.  In Detailed Models, when a Roof or Floor is extended beyond the Building Line and Shading Factors are turned on in the Building Manager, the Heat Gain results will be reduced.

Note: If a Roof is extended as a shade device, the roof area will not increase when displayed in the Building Manager since this extended area is categorized as a Shade Surface by Revit’s Energy Analysis.  This will also apply to Floor Areas (It is good practice to model these floors with external functions).

Note: Both Solar Loads and Daylighting will be affected by geometry changes in the model such as this. Daylighting will be affected since this element did not exist before.

Heat Gain Results are reduced with Roof extended


2 minutesread

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