Revit Message that the Energy Analysis Model does not contain Roof Surfaces

When using the Spatial Elements option (Revit 2020 and earlier) and launching FenestraPro, a Revit message may display:

This message may display, even though there are Roofs and the Room upper extent appears to reach the Roof element.

If you click OK and continue, FenestraPro will launch but Roof properties will not display in the Performance area.

This may be resolved by closing FenestraPro and going to the Properties palette in Revit. Select the Roof element(s) and check the settings for Upper Limit and Limit Offset. The Upper Limit may need to be set to the Level above the Room base. The Limit Offset may need to be adjusted so that the Room Upper extent touches or extends past the Roof.

Where the Upper Limit is set as the Room base level, this message has been seen to display. A Section View can help to visualize and understand the Room extents in the model.

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