Reset Password is not working

You have forgotten your password or need to reset it. When you enter a new password, you are not able to sign in with this.

Please check that you are using the same email that is in the system for your Account (you may have several email addresses).

Also ensure that the password is correct and that case sensitivity is observed.

Note: You must already have created your Account using the link in your invitation email. You will not be able to use this function to create an Account or password the first time (this button will only allow you to change an existing password).

This may also happen if you are using an older browser version (such as Internet Explorer 7 and older). Older browsers have a know issue that they may not send the updated password information to the system. Please use a more recent version, update your current version or try another browser.

You may also request that you be sent the reset password invitation link. You may copy and paste this link into any browser to reset your password.

You may request a link to reset your password by using the link on the welcome screen.

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