Results do not display

Issue: When Calculating Solar Loads in the Building Manager, results do not appear or take a long time to process.

Solution: Please Sign Out and Sign back into the application. (The License token may periodically expire if the Stay Signed in is not checked. Expired license tokens will prevent the application processing results). Use the icon on the bottom toolbar to Sign Out as shown below. Re-launch the application and the Sign in window will appear. Please enter your credentials again to proceed (your email and password).

Note: If you have curtain walls in your project, the panels must be a curtain panel family in Revit. This can be confirmed by selecting a curtain panel and going to Type Properties. If any panels are wall type families, analysis will not be possible. Please see the Section on Model Preparation for guidelines on other criteria for auditing your Revit project before analysis.

No results can also happen if glazing elements do not have analytical properties. Check under Type Properties in Revit if glazing families have analytical properties. Warnings will display in the Facade Navigator for Facades/Surfaces without properties. Internet connection issues can also result in no results being sent back to the application.

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