A message appears ‘ Referenced Object is not Valid’

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This has been known to occur if an element in the Revit model has been modified or deleted and the Energy Model has not yet updated. You may need to click this message several times to close it.  When the message has closed, please recalculate the results in the Building Manager to bring the application up to date.

This is may be due to the Energy Analytical Model (EAM) being out of date after changes have been made to the model in Revit.  Windows or Curtain Walls may have been created or deleted.  In this case, the Surfaces may need to be updated to include the recent changes.

If you try to run calculations but have recently changed the model, the objects may no longer be in that location.  The changes may not be updated or Refresh may not have completed. In some cases, after major modifications, it may not be possible to continue without closing down the application and re-launching.

This may happen if the number of Surfaces have now changed and need to be re-assigned.

If major modifications are to be done to the model, it is best to close the application before you embark on these changes.  You may relaunch when the model is ready for analysis once again.

Recreate the Energy Model in Revit after major changes to geometry


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