What are the Minimum Requirements to use the application?

The Site Location in the Revit model should be set. True North rotation will also affect the results and to obtain correct orientations. Project Name should also be input in Project Information under the Manage Tab on the Revit Menu (other inputs in Project Information are not critical). Glazing elements in the model should have Analytical Properties assigned under Type Properties for each glazing type that is being used in the project.

Model Elements generally need to be set as Room Bounding to be included in calculations (structural columns may be set to Non-Room Bounding). Linked models should be set as Room Bounding and glazing should be placed in the Host model for editability.

Assuming that the model integrity is good and Revit’s Energy Model generates successfully, then you may launch the application.

The application will ask Revit to generate a current Energy Model when it launches and will use this information to create Surfaces and organize the model into separate zones related to the internal spaces. Turn on ‘Calculate Shading’ if you have significant shading conditions. Then use the Building Manager to Calculate Solar Results.

Please see this Section for more details on Getting Started.

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